Digital Citzenship


Early on my research on the use of devices such as cell phones and tablets in the classroom, I kept coming across concerns for the students. I was reading, “How can we protect the students?” “How can we manage their access?” All I kept thinking was shouldn’t we be teaching the students how to protect themselves? Don’t they need to be able to behave online in a respectful way?

I finally found out there is a term for all that! It’s called, “Digital Citizenship.” To be honest I’ve hear this term before but just let it go in one ear and out the other.  Once I read this definition it all came together for me.

“Quality online participation should entail demonstrating respect for self and others in the digital common, including knowing how to adjust privacy settings, download music and other files legally, post messages that are respectful to the online community, and encourage others to practice responsible online behaviors” (Greenhow, Robelia, & Hughes, 2009).

I think as teacher, parents, and ADULTS we bear the responsibility to teach this concept to the children that are growing up in this day and age! When I was in school I learned what it meant to be a good citizen, to treat people right.  I learned that at home and school.  It’s my belief that the same should be done with digital citizenship.


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  1. I wonder if there’s a book out there that teaches parents how to help their kids become good citizens: of the world, of their country, of their community, of their family, and online. Hmmmmm…

    This is such an important thing for kids to know how to do – – and- – as you said, to be able to take responsibility for, in an age-appropriate way.

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