Reading For Enjoyment

Do your students love to read?


It’s clear that SAM loves this book! He loves it so much he NEVER wants to give it back.

Today I met with my group to plan our online course.  A portion of our discussion was on the English Language Arts (ELA), Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  We were discussing rigor and text complexity.  I’ve spent much of the school year researching  the ELA CCSS.  When I saw this picture it reminded me that I need to devote some class time to reading for enjoyment.

It’s my personal belief that when a child finds joy in a book, they will become life long readers.  As I type this, I can recall so many books I loved as a child: In a People House, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, all the Golden Readers, Little House on the Prairie, The Box Car Children, The Babysitters Club, and so many more.  I read those books for fun!  I still read for fun!

One of my favorite shows as a child was Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow was all about the joy of reading.

Click on this link to hear LeVar Burton talk about Reading Rainbow and the future of that program.

My plea to all educators is to provide students with opportunities to read for fun.  It don’t always have to be followed up with comprehension questions!


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