I just finished my infographic using I’d love any feedback before finalizing it. Any suggestions for making this better?

Click here to view it.



  1. Oh my goodness. It is beautiful in every sense of the word. A couple suggestions (which you might already have in the works, after getting feedback):

    1) Include a list of sources (should have at least two, to be able to fit in the category of sources, vs source, ala the rubric).

    2) May consider adding a quote to add a little flavor to it, like the second-to-the-last item on this infographic that starts with “Our memories…”

    3) Include your name somewhere.

    This is a tremendously well done infographic.

  2. I agree with Bonnie: it is beautiful. Somehow, the dissonance of the beauty of the presentation and the ugliness of the topic makes viewing the graphic more visceral. Very effective and impactful. Thank you for sharing your tool for making it.

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