Digitally Competent Teachers

Digitally Competent Teachers

I came across this article today through my feedly account.  This article had a beautiful infographic that accompanied the article. According to Daily Genius you are a digitally competent teacher if:

  • You can integrate digital skills into everyday life
  • You have a balanced attitude
  • You are open to using and trying new stuff
  • You are a digital communicator
  • You know how to do a digital assessment
  • You understand and respect privacy
  • You are a digital citizen

I really appreciate each point here. I do think that the third bullet is so important.  I have a personal philosophy when it comes to technology, “The computer can’t win.”  When I am trying new things, I flat out refuse to let the computer win.  Does that mean I always accomplish what I want?  Yes.  Does it always come out the way I intended/envisioned?  No.  When I hit a technological road block, I immediately begin looking for a detour.  I ask myself, “How can I do this?” 

I encourage anyone who struggles with technology to not give up & keep  on trying!




  1. I completely agree with you about #3, but I really appreciate #2 as well. I’m not sure exactly what is mean by balance in this list, but I do agree that a balanced approach is important in just about every venture.

  2. I agree with the third bullet as well. We all have the capacity to learn new things. It so important to be open to new things so that we grow not only professionally, but personally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.
    With our last 2 classes I’ve definitely had to be open to trying new things. I walked into a podcast assignment, and creating an online course with no prior tools. I really had no choice to try. At the end of the day, I wasn’t only proud of my final product, I was even more proud of the skills I had built!
    Thanks for sharing your summary of this article. It speaks so well to current issues.

  3. I have a similar philosophy as you – the computer can’t win. It’s necessary to take the time for trial and error. Which I do, but I have to let go of other tasks to master my computer. Definitely becoming computer and/or technologically literate requires sustained and focused energy.l

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