Can I Get an Amen?!


A few weeks ago, I shared my Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM).  In it you can see one place I collect information from is by subscribing to podcasts.  One of my favorites is TEDTalks Education.  This podcast has a variety of episodes covering the many aspects of education.

I’m writing this blog post from my seat on an airplane heading back from Hawaii.  I was feeling a little bored when I remembered that I had the TEDTalks videos on my laptop.  I watched Christopher Emdin talk about changing education through the teacher education progress.  The episode is called Teach Teachers How to Create Magic.

He started off by defining some negative characteristics of teacher education (I’m going to skip over that part).  He then described how some people have that “magic.”  He described the way people like, rappers and pastors can hold onto an audience’s attention by raising and lowering volume and pace of speech, and the give and take with the audience.

He brings it back to education and says, “But I’m here to tell you that magic can be taught. Magic can be taught. Magic can be taught.”  Teachers can be taught the skills to create magic in their classrooms. 

Have you ever felt yourself making magic with your students?  I can tell you, I have.  I love the enthusiasm that encompasses this delivery style.  But that’s what I think it is, a “style.”  Like I said, I’ve felt the magic.  I’ve also felt the exhaustion that comes after those amazing moments.  I don’t think I can teach that way everyday for every subject.  I’m willing to try and will make an effort to teach that way more often.  .  .

I hope the principal won’t mind me napping on the rug at recess and lunch!



  1. I found Mr. Emdin very compelling. Thanks for being bored and sharing the video. I thought I had the “Magic.” But listening to him is inspiring, and I need to go and revisit how I can really share the “Magic.” It saddens me that any and everything else is able to capture the attention of our students. We must get the “Magic” back and grab the attention of our students and fill their minds with positive aspirations.

  2. Outstanding blog. Loved reading it. I think inspired teaching may be more accurate rather than magic. I think some teachers are truly inspired and have what it takes to be an exceptional teacher. From what I know of you through our courses, I believe you are without a doubt, an inspirational and inspired teacher.

    • Great post Lindsey!
      I just took a well deserved 2 hour break and took myself to the 2.00 movie to see “Brick Mansion.” So I’m answering you while waiting on the movie to begin.
      I have found during my teaching career it takes various strategies, energy, and innovation know how to keep the students engaged in learning. I have been extremely animated at times, and you’re right, its can be difficult to keep that style of teaching up on a daily, but it works!
      Pastors have the wherewithal to keep their congregation engaged, so I say, let’s do it! Make sure you eat your Wheaties and get plenty of rest!

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