What’s your favorite color scheme?

Today I was chatting with one of my teacher friends about the way we set up our classrooms.  She asked me if there was a particular color scheme that I liked. Here is my response.



My response made me think about why I choose these colors.  I “decorate” my room with colors I like.  I think it makes my classroom fun and inviting.  I’ve been commended for the my classroom environment and I think the colors I choose adds to it.

So after running through these thoughts today, how funny is  it that I stumble across this article before bed?!

Jan Hoffman wrote the article, Rethinking the Colorful Kindergarten Classroom. In it she references a study by Fisher, Godwin & Seltman: Visual Environment, Attention Allocation, and Learning in Young Children, When Too Much of a Good Thing May Be Bad. 

This study examined the affects of decorations on classroom walls. Research showed that student in classrooms with many decorations were distracted more often.  Click on the link to read the article. It had a lot of good points. It definitely made me further reflect on the way I set up my classroom.

Earlier in this post I put decorate in quotation marks.  I did this because I really dislike saying that I decorate my room.  It sounds unprofessional to me.  I also don’t think the word speaks to the amount of time and energy I put into the presentation of my classroom.  The items I chose to put up may seem decorate in nature but I assure you that everything on the walls of my classroom serves a purpose.

  • The work on the walls reflect student progress.
  • The charts on the board are reminders of learning objectives.
  • The number line and alphabet above my board is for reference.
  • The word wall is for reading and spelling.

When I see my students looking around while they are working, it makes me happy.  It tells me they are engaged in the room itself.  I tell my kids, “Use the information around you to help you.”  Sometimes it’s a spelling word, reading word, math pattern, a step, or a definition that they are looking for.  I’m glad I know they can find it.



Look behind these cuties to see two charts hanging on the wall. One is for the spelling sound of the week and the other has the reading words for the week.



  1. When I was in the classroom, the environment was inviting and full of life. Everyone marveled over my choices of color and how often I changed it. The room was conducive for learning and it wasn’t overwhelming. The students could move through the learning environment with ease. Everything in the room exhibited teaching and learning takes place here. Also, I remembered when choosing the materials to place in the room, less is more! It wasn’t to cumbersome for the students, and you could see what was taken place in the room. Some of my colleagues room environment was full of the 3 C’s – color, clutter, and confusing. The room environment was over stimulating, which doesn’t allow the students to focus. A little bit of this over here and a lot of that over there, and some things stayed up all year. I can imagine just from your blog page and the work you’ve presented how your classroom environment may look. Awesome!!!

  2. I have many fond memories of elementary school. The way the classroom was designed was often part of that. If I finished my work early, or needed a break, I would look around the room. There was always something thought provoking, and it made me into an inquisitive, deep-thinking daydreamer.

    I know my students won’t ALWAYS be “on task,” so if I plan well, even when their minds wander, they can wander to an intellectual place.

  3. Another bright colored girl here! But, I love a black or dark gray background to contrast. You know how educators tend to be “bag people”? Always carrying something around in a bag? In taking inventory of my many bags as I was cleaning things up for the end of the year, I reflected on your post, because I noticed a very obvious color scheme: pink & yellow. Every single bag I had was pink and yellow! And I never even thought about it. Moving on to cleaning out my desk… Guess what? Pink and yellow again. However thinking back to my classroom days, I would never have had a pink and yellow scheme. Maybe to feminine? However, I had the blue and yellow thing going on in my classroom. Here’s the funny part, if you check out my info graphic, it’s blue and yellow, with black and dark gray backgrounds. Hmmm, thanks for this post Lindsey, I learned something about myself! Had someone asked me what my favorite color was, it would have NEVER been yellow. I think I actually thought I dislike yellow. Well after reflecting on my color scheme, I don’t think I can get away with saying that I don’t like yellow anymore. Ha!

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