When reflecting on my PKM, I can see that there are tools that I favor over the others.

To begin with, I use feedly for most of my capturing. I have found that my subscriptions lead me several interesting articles everyday. I often find links to other interesting topics through the articles as well. The other tools I intended to use are still helpful, I just use them less frequently than feedly.

I have completely abandoned delicious. I couldn’t get used to it. I use Evernote and zotero for all my curating.

For sharing, I use blogging as my primary tool. I have been using twitter to share some of my blog posts.

Overall, using these tools have helped me find and link with others in the field of education.


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  1. I am pretty much in the same boat with you; however, I still use Easybib instead of Zotero (mainly because I haven’t loaded Office/Word on my computer, yet). Also, I’m surprised at how many interesting articles come my way through facebook. Who knew?

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