Don’t Let This Happen to You


I see a lot in this image. . . but I mainly see garbage. When you have so much garbage around you, how can you sift through it rather that sit in it?

I see a man working(?) on the computer. It appears as though the root of his problem is the screen. How long has he been sitting there? By the looks of it, long enough to attract flies. Gross.

When you are searching for information online how do you find what you need? What search engine do you use and are you using it to it’s maximum capacity? Most people start with Google. I think that is a great place to start.

Did you know that Google also has an advanced search function? A couple of days ago I posted about filtering results by reading level. That is only the beginning.  In another window open this page:

There are so many benefits to using this form instead. I really like the idea of being able to search within one website or domain (.gov, .edu).

Can you think of a time when this search page would have helped you find something?

Let’s think about students now.  How can this help them? I think this is a valuable tool we should teach them how to use.  I’m thinking about elementary state reports.  A student can do research within the state website. I used Michigan as an example.

Here is my search:


Here are my results:



Can a monkey punch someone in the face?

Let’s start this post with a hilarious, TRUE account of a conversation I had today. We were on the bus on the way back to school from the LA Zoo.

Kid: What’s on your face?
Me: Where?
Kid: Under your eye
Me: Oh no. Is my make up all smeared? (I check my face. Nope. Looks normal)
Me: I think you must mean my make-up. It’s called eyeliner.
Kid: Oh. It looks like you got punched in the face.
Me: What?! It looks like I got punched in the face?!
Another kid: Legend says Mrs. Roach got punched in the face at the zoo.
Parent sitting behind me: By a monkey

Everyone including myself started cracking up, while repeating the hilarious scenario we were all picturing in our minds. “Mrs. Roach got punched in the face by a monkey.”

Ok. Moving on. Can a monkey punch someone in the face? What are some facts about monkeys? Can a first grader research monkey facts online if I wanted them to?

Let’s be real for a minute. My first graders are practically second graders at this point in the school year. Right now I think I could assign a research task for them to do. I just finished reading a short article about using google search to filter information by reading level. Be sure to click here to read this short piece.

I tested it out and was pleased with the results. I think teaching kids about this filter will be really powerful in the classroom.




Oh and by the way…YES, a monkey can punch someone in the face. Click on the picture to watch.






Have you ever tried thinglink? It’s a way of making images interactive. I can see many possible uses for the classroom and presentations.

Using Thinglink I turned my PKM graphic into an interactive image you can “touch.” When you are looking at the image you will see small circles next to each of the icons. When you hover over the circle, a description for each part of my PKM will appear. When you click on it, it will take you to a specific example.