If you go back and look at my PKM graphic, when it comes to making sense of my information you will see I have four tools listed.

  1. Google Drive
  2. Zotero
  3. Evernote
  4. Delicious

I listed them in the order that I feel most comfortable using. Google Drive is my favorite. It is cloud storage. The apps that can run within the google docs seem endless. Some of my regular usage includes: creating files for storing articles, creating documents with links for future reference, adding notes to documents and collaboration.

Zotero is an app that I absolutely NEED to get better at. I feel like a grumpy old lady every time I try using it. I think this is because I am so comfortable using Google Drive that I can’t help but want to solely rely on it. My goal is to be comfortable with it by summer’s end.

Evernote and Delicious are both enticing apps. Who doesn’t want to be more organized and have everything at their finger tips?! I’m just not completely sure how to maximize the power of both these tools. My plan is to use them both equally until I develop a preference for one over the other.

What are your curating preferences?